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Welcome to my homepage. I am a writer, a voice-over specialist and an actor. Please feel free to contact me below. I am now giving away FREE e-book and audiobook copies of “A Moment of Clarity”, the book that started it all. Just e-mail me below and tell me what format you would like the book in.
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This is where I'm located in the Laurentian foot hills of Quebec.

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From the author of last year’s ground breaking legal drama ‘A Moment of Clarity’ now comes the sequel ‘Clarity Must Prevail’ a bone chilling International thriller that puts our small town heroes in the worldwide spotlight once again.  This time it is behind the scenes, where they are not in their natural comfort zone.  Come along for the ride as newly retirees Judge Jackson and Sheriff Clayton are caught up in a case of global intrigue with possible universal ramifications.  How can their small town ways contribute to preventing the loss of immeasurable innocent lives?  This
unrestrained page-turner will have you hooked from the start.


Peace has finally returned to the tiny hamlet of Clayton County in the Florida Panhandle. But, for how long? Two years ago, the town of Clayton and the county of the same name were under the universal media microscope. A twenty-five-year-old cold case murder trial with an Alzheimer's patient, Jacob Jeebs, as the key witness, broke all legal boundaries and the world was watching. Now, a major award-winning movie director and A-list actors are coming to town to make a film about the trial and the man whose testimony shook the world. What could possibly go wrong? The presidential election is in full swing and Florida is a major player in the process. The Russians have invaded cyberspace and are doing their best to swing the election in their favor.

THE 4th INSTALLMENT OF THE CLARITY SERIES- 'Clarity Comes to Clayton' is available now at Amazon sites worldwide.

It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will entertain and enlighten you as few other books can. A novel, that leaves you yearning for more.

A Moment of Clarity
In a small town, in the smallest county in the Florida panhandle, a twenty-five-year-old cold case murder is re-opened. A new female police officer visits a seniors’ residence to find out that the prime witness in the case, Jacob Jeebs, was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year but is still in the early stages.
Both the judge and the sheriff are locals and have been in their jobs for over thirty years and remember the initial investigation very well. In fact, the two of them along with Jacob Jeebs have been fishing together every Sunday morning for almost three decades.
This new information might lead to a conviction of the main suspect from twenty-five years ago. But what would the legal ramifications be? An Alzheimer’s patient has never testified at a trial of any kind before.
How can you put him on the witness stand? How can you not? He is the only one who knows the truth. Will the defense be able to tear his testimony apart or will the prosecution defend the validity of using a witness who can’t recall what he had for breakfast this morning, but can remember an event that happened years ago in astonishing detail? ‘A Moment of Clarity’, a ground-breaking legal drama that answers those questions in a compelling, creative way.

This is the photo shoot for the front and back covers of my latest novel Jacob's Story.  My dear thanks to Robert Truesdale for working his magic.

There is an accidental president in the Oval Office, who is intentionally alienating and offending long-standing allies with his irrational behavior. Judge E.J. Jackson is nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of himself in the blockbuster movie ‘Jacob’s Story’, and he is not pleased about it. Vladimir Putin is determined to bring America down and destroy it from within. In the tiny hamlet of Clayton County, a new super opioid drug lab has mysteriously opened and Sheriff Clayton and Judge Jackson are determined to find it and shut it down. ‘Clarity comes to Clayton’, is a riveting tale of the uncertain times we live in and how quickly everything can change.

Robert C. Brewster