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Gentlemen and Pigs could best be described and compared to the hit sitcom television show Seinfeld.  It’s a book about nothing.  But, of course, we all know that it is the story within the story of another story that ties all the loose ends together as you laugh yourself silly along the way.  Gentlemen and Pigs is a real hoot!  Its author Robert C. Brewster brings his characters to life in some unique ways.  Sit back in your favorite comfy chair and enjoy the hilarious roller coaster ride.

On the road to find out,  is a thought-provoking memory emoting read for a generation that lived it and for those younger and wise enough to want to discover what it was like to live in the moment.  It is rooted in the time period of 1967 to 1974 and unfolds mainly in the seaside resort town of Wildwood New Jersey.  It’s a story of heartbreak and discovery.  It’s a wild ride through America as seen through the eyes of this young Canadian, as he digs deep inside his self, in the hopes of recapturing the one thing he lost and means everything to him, true love.  The people and situations in it are real and unfolded as I and others remembered them.  Though it reads like fiction, the story is true in every sense.  It is a photographic memory of a special time and place that screamed to be documented.

No Borders-No Boundaries is a compelling thought provoking tale of mystery, intrigue, and romance.  A cast of no nonsense characters, jump from the page with sparkling dialogues that compel you to feel for their
predicaments.  The action takes place over a three-month period during the summer of 2001.  From the cruel streets of Washington D.C to the peaceful shores of the Gaspé Peninsula, in Quebec, this action packed page-turner will have you hooked from the start.  Amidst all the mayhem, there are real people and their turbulent lives that are altered and changed forever.  The story thrives on deception and deceit and  for some deliverance.  There are new beginnings and sudden endings.  The novel encompasses the shadowy lives of underworld crime figures and the innocent victims who are dragged unwillingly along with them.

There are the hunters, and the hunted, whose roles explicitly become reversed.           It is a story of life, love, and death, that all happen, out of theblue.

The King of Pop has gone diabolically mad!  A peaceful city is shaken to its roots as it celebrates its 350th Anniversary.  A ‘bomb blast’ rips through the bus station and kills six people and injuries countless others and an innocent man is being sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. 
The Queen and the Pope are both expected to arrive in Canada within two weeks of one another and Montreal is in turmoil.  The Gippson Brothers farewell tour is also passing through the city and Zachary Gippson the new: ‘King of Pop’ has some very deceptive and deceitful plans for his minions of fans who would see him live, on this world tour. 
And Montreal’s vibrant and distinctive Underworld is in chaos as its ‘mafia capos’ are meeting with very untimely and mysterious deaths due to an unknown spirit who possesses them.  Some of the Tall Ships from Marseilles France destined to dock in Montreal as part of the celebrations are disappearing at sea and some people are asking hard questions that demand answers.  What the hell is going on
here?  Deceit Deception & Deliverance will have you hooked from the very first page.

LIGHT UP THE WORLD tells the story of North
America’s endeavors to alleviate their reliance and dependency, on foreign countries for its energy needs.  A massive hydroelectric project unlike anything the world has ever seen is being built in the furthest northern regions of Quebec.  Funded by huge American oil conglomerates, tobacco companies and other International institutions, project HOPE (Hydro Ocean Powered Electricity) will generate enough electrical power to supply more than half of North America’s energy needs.  Everything seems fine, until something goes drastically wrong.  Will the money people understand that the project must be put on hold?  Would they believe the inventor’s explanation, after he was the one who convinced them that the project was not only feasible, but also very doable?  Would the greed for profits overshadow the tremendous loss of human lives that would surely occur, if dollars were more important than lost souls?  How far would they go in order to insure that project HOPE went ahead on schedule?  Could they realistically be stopped,
considering their unlimited resources? 

LIGHT UP THE WORLD answers those questions, and
proposes viable solutions to this new age problem.  Its unexpected ending, will leave readers not only satisfied, but enlightened.  In an
energy starved world whose basic existence depends on mass consumption, renewable energy sources are an undeniable factor for its very continuance.  This story offers us hope, but also spells out the necessities that must be taken to insure that that day,
will soon arrive.


It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will entertain and enlighten you as few other books can. A novel, that leaves you yearning for more.  

In a small town, in the smallest county in the Florida panhandle, a twenty-five-year-old cold case murder is re-opened. A new female police officer visits a seniors’ residence to find out that the prime witness in the case, Jacob Jeebs, was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year but is still in the early stages.
Both the judge and the sheriff are locals and have been in their jobs for over thirty years and remember the initial investigation very well. In fact, the two of them along with Jacob Jeebs have been fishing together every Sunday morning for almost three decades.
This new information might lead to a conviction of the main suspect from twenty-five years ago. But what would the legal ramifications be? An Alzheimer’s patient has never testified at a trial of any kind before.
How can you put him on the witness stand? How can you not? He is the only one who knows the truth. Will the defense be able to tear his testimony apart or will the prosecution defend the validity of using a witness who can’t recall what he had for breakfast this morning, but can remember an event that happened years ago in astonishing detail? ‘A Moment of Clarity’, a ground-breaking legal drama that answers those questions in a compelling, creative way

From the author of last year’s ground
breaking legal drama ‘A Moment of Clarity’ now comes the sequel ‘Clarity Must Prevail’ a bone chilling International thriller that puts our small town heroes in the worldwide spotlight once again.  This time it is beh
ind the scenes, where they are not in their natural comfort zone.  Come along for the ride as newly retirees Judge Jackson and Sheriff Clayton are caught up in a case of global intrigue with possible universal ramifications.  How can their small town ways contribute to preventing the loss of immeasurable innocent lives?  This unrestrained page-turner will have you hooked from the start.

Peace has finally returned to the tiny hamlet of Clayton County in the Florida Panhandle. But, for how long? Two years ago, the town of Clayton and the county of the same name were under the universal media microscope. A twenty five year old cold case murder trial with an Alzheimer's patient, Jacob Jeebs, as the key witness, broke all legal boundaries and the world was watching. Now, a major award-winning movie director and A-list actors are coming to town to make a film about the trial and the man whose testimony shook the world. What could possibly go wrong? The presidential election is in full swing and Florida is a major player in the process. The Russians have invaded cyberspace and are doing their best to swing the election in their favor.

There is an accidental president in the Oval Office, who is intentionally alienating and offending long-standing allies with his irrational behavior. Judge E.J. Jackson is nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of himself in the blockbuster movie ‘Jacob’s Story’, and he is not pleased about it. Vladimir Putin is determined to bring America down and destroy it from within. In the tiny hamlet of Clayton County, a new super opioid drug lab has mysteriously opened and Sheriff Clayton and Judge Jackson are determined to find it and shut it down. ‘Clarity comes to Clayton’, is a riveting tale of the uncertain times we live in and how quickly everything can change.